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PC Building

Some notes about PC building for reference. There are a lot of sites and video channels to learn PC building. So I can’t replicate that here. However I can provide some direction and general notes and grow this as I go.

Major Components

The major components you need for a PC build are as follows:

  • Case / Enclosure
  • Motherboard
  • CPU / Processor
  • CPU Fan/Cooler (sometimes comes with CPU, but you can also buy higher end ones)
    • Typical is a fan blowing on a metal finned radiator attached to CPU
    • Watercool variations exist
    • Most basic builds the CPU stock cooler or a nice 80-120mm fan / heatsink combo is great
  • RAM stick(s) –
    • I’d recommend 8GB or higher even for old builds.
    • 16gb min for new builds
    • 32-64gb is fantastic
  • Power Supply (PSU) – quality ones are worth money for longevity and electronics protection
    • Corsair is great, but so are others
  • Video Card – (occasionally processors have onboard video that motherboards can use, )
    • Nvidia – several flavors
    • Radeon – several flavors
    • As of 2021, Nvidia 1660 super, 2070 super, 3060, 3070 all great
    • AMD Radeon I don’t know models well but RX 6800XT is the new beast
  • Hard drive – You can get spinning disc or flash SSD type.
    • There are also a newer style called M2, which go into a slot on the motherboard
    • Samsung, Crucial are good brands, there are many offbrands
  • Monitor screen
    • Needs to have proper connection from motherboard, or video card. HDMI, Display Port, DVI or VGA
  • Speakers or Earphones – you can get USB speakers or speakers that use the 3.5 jack
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • USB flash drive(s)
    • Having a couple 8gb – 32gb flash drives is a good thing for loading files and Operating System ISOs


  • Phillips screwdriver (skinny shaft with long reach is often ideal)
  • Mini screwdriver set (optional but sometimes helpful!)
  • Utility tweezer set (optional but sometimes helpful)
  • Big clean surface to work on (you’re going to need to spread out)
  • Tray(s) – small tray(s) for little screws and other parts to stick nearby
    • An ice-cube tray could even work
  • Power source nearby (within 4 feet distance)


  • Microcenter
  • NewEgg
  • Tiger Direct
  • BH Photo & Video
  • Best Buy
  • Amazon

Learning Resources