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Custom Furniture Project

I’m maintaining anonymity of this project until it’s launched to the public, but essentially what I’m showing here is the flow of a custom furniture order process, where materials and textiles are being selected.

Project NameCustom Furniture Order Process
TaglineArchitect process for online furniture orders
Project SummaryCreate site architecture for furniture ordering process that includes multiple custom options.
Date or TimeframeOctober 2019
Tasks & ResponsibilitiesTake in existing options for the furniture and map a process for a consumer or business to create an order.
Design Tools / UX MethodsyED, Site Architecture
KPIs / AnalyticsPartial orders, completed orders, completed consumer orders, completed business manual orders, new customers, re-orders, multiple product orders, textile upsell.
Team / CollaboratorsMike Smick, Chris P

Typically in e-commerce you’re dealing with required variations more often than customizations. A shirt where you must pick from 8 different colors, 6 sizes. And while customizations are nothing new, this projects includes some customizations you can turn on or off, and image renders based on choices that will be rendered using a 3D engine with material choices, including supporting an image upload.

Second pass at furniture customization flow chart (View PDF version)

Another feature of product selection and customization is looping back and adding more products with the same styles applied as a matching product. Think of it like this. If you bought a chair and could customize it, adding a love seat with the same style selection would make sense right?

Once completed the user can choose to add-on to the completed product, given a choice to build new custom pieces or match the current choices on to an identical or paired piece of furniture.

The flow was set and the areas were identified where sales or manufacturing support will be sent notifications. Because a main target audience is enterprise customers, we have chosen to separate those customers under the assumption that the sales team will handle purchase order payment options and specialized freight based on quantity.