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Cathedral Basilica Project

The large number of content pages required for the Cathedral site required a close look at organization. There was then the challenge of how to give access to them to the visitor. Site users may be regular visitors checking on schedules, or might be tourists looking for a virtual tour. This ongoing project is a good example of iterative economical changes over a long period of time.

Build Notes

The Cathedral website needed to feature attractive banner images, art galleries and calendar features.  There are also a number of charitable and giving periods where videos and program info is set to the home page. The site layout was built to be responsive with visitor devices spanning from desktop computers, to tablets to mobile handheld screens. One major challenge was to have a navigation menu that gave visitors a categorized entry point to nearly anywhere in the site with as few clicks as possible. And Subsequently the addition of Mass live streams was added.  Google analytics was employed in order to track the frequently visited pages and entry locations by individuals. 

Technologies Used

The project was wire-framed on paper and flows created in mindmap form.  The design was then rendered in medium to high fidelity graphical mockups in Illustrator and went through a series of feedback loops.  An earlier iteration was built using the Foundation CSS framework highly customized. After a few years, it was then developed using Bootstrap 3 and a responsive mega-menu was augmented.  The site sits on a WordPress CMS and a series of templates were custom developed to accommodate page content types. 

Result / Summary

From the initial state of the website, a mostly neglected and insecure Joomla instance, not only has the design improved and become infinitely more flexible. Control is back in control of the client. The design has been well-received and updates over the years have been frequent and responsive to the request of patrons and the parish leaders. The traffic to the site was tracked over several years and has increased at peak to over 700%.