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Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled graphics…

I’m a UX professional and product designer. I’m also a published author, trainer and consultant. Send me a note if you want to talk shop, jobs, woodworking, CAD, task automation, anything from the profound to the absurd. And I’ll probably respond the fastest to topics including plywood and carriage bolts. If, like me you’re often struggling with how to describe yourself, know that the word ‘Samurai’ in Japanese comes from another word ‘saburau’ which means “To serve someone and look up to them.”

Interview Q&A

I decided as a thought exercise it might be fun to put down a few questions I get in interviews and post my answers. Mostly about work experience & skillset but we’ll see where it goes from there.  Be warned it’s pretty lengthy. Mike QA

Favorite Tools

Seems my hobby of woodworking has nearly been superseded by a hobby of tool collecting. I caution you to not overspend and tie yourself down to owning shiny things especially when you can borrow from friends and make a collaboration out of it. Here are some of Mike’s Favorite Tools.

Currently Reading

Atomic Habits is a book I’m currently going through and enjoying.  It’s about setting out to progress in your life based on improving smaller behaviors, rather than just goal setting.  One thing has become obvious which is I can tell it’s going to be one to go back to repeatedly to reignite the flame.