Project: Bahn Realty Commercial Real Estate

Over the years, I've found that the steps taken to gather requirements for a project, and finding out what the actual users (first hand) of the application will need, you can then make efficient progress with a site map and preliminary sketches. For Bahn Realty, a commercial real estate company, it mean't creating a custom property database that was wholly controlled internally. The inventory had to be easily managed by office administrator / agents and displayed in several views that users seeking properties could best use.

Once the site is created, and it will be handed off to the client for use. The client should have seen the site coming together multiple times with no surprises. But that doesn't mean there won't be any training involved. In the case of Bahn, I was able to spend two 1-hour sessions for UI testing and on-site training at the completion of the project. Along with in-person training, I left behind complete documentation for using the site from the back end.