Project: "X-Furniture ECommerce Platform

"X-Furniture" approached me to help them create the architecture for their upcoming ecommerce platform. Their furniture concept is unique in that there are a series of customizations for building the pieces of furniture, instead of simply picking from a model and choosing a single color or pattern. The goal was to create the walk-through process for creating your furniture pieces / sets and flesh out the order process.

I started off by helping them organize the various combinations so that a customer could build in a wizard method. Going through the steps as the customer is making choices, they are being provided with hints and descriptions of each choice, a user can then feel confident that they are getting the options they want, but comfortable that they aren't missing out on options or being lost.

The choices in a logical manner. First you build your "frame" of the furniture through choices of frame type, finish and other options such as decal overlay. From there you choose your textile / pattern.

Once completed the user can choose to add-on to the completed product, given a choice to build new custom pieces or match the current choices on to an identical or paired piece of furniture.

The flow was set and the areas were identified where sales or manufacturing support will be sent notifications. Because a main target audience is enterprise customers, we have chosen to separate those customers under the assumption that the sales team will handle purchase order payment options and specialized freight based on quantity.

Currently the company, whose name has been changed here is currently developing their product further and has trade secrets and patents-in-progress, so unfortunately I cannot unpack more complete information such as UI screens or integrations in this case study.